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Welcome to the Domaine de La Queyssie
Guest house in the middle of the Vines
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The field of Queyssie consists of a set of typical regional buildings.

XVII and XVIII century:

A mansion called here “chartreuse”

A “périgourdine” house in which are located the guest rooms.

A “chai” which was once used in the development and aging of wine.

Part of this set has been fitted to receive you in a preserved environment.

The Queyssie is located in the town of Saussignac who obtained the label “organic engaged territory” in 2015.Pour our part we contribute to the environmental compliance process by choosing a local and renewable energy for couvrir’l’essentiel of our needs: wood.

In this spirit of local development, we have established partnerships with various actors involved in the economic and tourism development of the country, winemakers, restaurateurs, local retailers etc ….

To extend this approach we offer in addition to accommodation, a range of enriching travel experiences to make locally:

Wine tasting and introduction to oenology.

Discover the culture of the vine in biodynamics.

Care of practical experience and well-being: reflexology, massage touch sensitive

Introductory course in watercolor.


  • Watercolor
  • Swimming pool
  • SPA
  • Wine tasting
  • Aquarelle
  • Reflexology
  • Ping-pong
  • Mountain bike & Hiking
  • Baby foot


Own your vineyard !

Own your own vineyard in AOC Bergerac for 1 year, enjoy some of the wine production of your vineyards and a winemaking discovery on the Wine Route of Bergerac.

Adopting vines, you receive initially a gift box with your certificate of ownership. You then come to the Domaine de La Queyssie on the date of your choice for a tour of your vineyards, cellars and a tasting of wines from the Bergerac region.